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Our Equity Protection Agreement Programme

What is it?

- It brings insurance and finance together in one contract

- The contract provides a client with cover it cannot currently buy in the conventional insurance market

- The contract has a Risk Section and a Finance Section and responds to all sudden and accidental major loss events

  (minimum attachment point is excess of US$100M), even if the cause of loss is excluded in the Risk Section

- The contract provides the client with immediate liquidity from a Syndication of Banks at pre loss event pricing

- The contract’s liquidity provision should provide the client with share price, rating and cost of future finance stability,

  following a major loss event that would otherwise have impacted these key business areas

The EPA Programme is supported by a team in Dallas (headed by Greg Sosbee) and Calgary, with the initial contracts being structured via Mezzanine Underwriting Services Lid (MUSL) as well as ACS.

The lead Syndicate Bank, with support from MUSL and ACS, will involve their major account Relationship Managers in the rolling out of EPA in Europe.